Great words from Niels Overgaard

by admin

MAdHAs is a groovy and avant-garde jazz fest . Bassist Emil Brun and drummer Morten H├Žsum delivers a vibrant fat beat, used by trumpeter Jimmy Nyborg from Sweden and saxophonist / klarinetisten Lubos Soukup from Czech Republic to send some tough hooks right and left . All the musicians have infested the academies and in the Danish jazz underground for several years. They play with an open and direct expression , which does not take any hostages.


If you like a funky bass line , a sailing drum rhythm , a raw and unpolished trumpet and a risky saxophone , then MAdHAs is a breakneck good choice. The record is their debut and works well in its thriving mess. There is a dynamic mix of ultra short tunes and others more normal lenght. The Quartet must surely be a superb live band when they can make a record where they transform so much energy and fervor play out through the speakers in your living room .


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