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We dig deep down to the core where the sound is one of the byproducts that are thrown out when two or more objects collide and fight side by side with their unique friction coefficient, which is in classical mechanics a dimensionless quantity that describes friction between solids. Friction is not a characteristic that the […]

Great words from Niels Overgaard

MAdHAs is a groovy and avant-garde jazz fest . Bassist Emil Brun and drummer Morten Hæsum delivers a vibrant fat beat, used by trumpeter Jimmy Nyborg from Sweden and saxophonist / klarinetisten Lubos Soukup from Czech Republic to send some tough hooks right and left . All the musicians have infested the academies and in […]

New Album with Madhas

Jimmy Mayanja Band

Den svensk-ugandiske bokser Jimmy Mayanja vandt 8 svenske mesterskaber og deltog i OL i Seoul i 1988. Da trompetisten Jimmy Nyborg var dreng, spillede han som mange andre raske svenske drenge bordtennis. I den forbindelse gav de gamle i klubben ham navnet Jimmy Mayanja. Navnet er nu genopstået i forbindelse med, at Jimmy Nyborg har […]

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